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Care of your pet at your home, at the veterinarian, etc...

Transport to the nearest crematorium for individual or collective cremation

Collection of ashes from the crematorium and hand delivery to your home

Choice of aurnor a personalized sculpture in stone, granite, marble, glass, ceramic, etc... with our partnersculptor.

Death leaves a pain that no one can heal.

Love leaves a memory that no one can steal...


Whether his health deteriorates on a daily basis, or whether his departure is suffered, no one is ever prepared for the separation and the pain is intense. Distraught, many questions arise, in particular that of the future of the body.

Without any particular will on your part, the body of your beloved animal is mixed with meat waste and transformed into meat meal.

Unimaginable for us, we have set up a range of standard or personalized services, namely:

In addition to these services, we...

accompany you to the vet for euthanasia and bring you home

support you during a euthanasia at home by our presence and/or the care of the body

organize, if desired, your participation in the cremation and transport you

relieve you of all the administrative procedures with the authorities concerned.


Un ange de plus dans le ciel...

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